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About IRB

IRB Real Estate (formerly Hammond Real Estate Cambridge) specializes in full-service property management and commercial real estate in Cambridge, MA and the surrounding areas. Under the leadership of founder and President Tod Beaty, the company manages luxury condominium complexes and commercial properties in Cambridge and Somerville. For over twenty years, our commercial division has been serving landlords, tenants, sellers and buyers.  

We pride ourselves on our commitment to unparalleled service, open communication, and the building of long-term relationships with our clients and our community.



Contact us

Have Questions? Give us a call or send us an email.

Tod Beaty, President: (617) 497-3300, ext. 300tbeaty@irb-re.com
Christine Strout, Property Management: (617) 497-3300 ext. 290 | cstrout@irb-re.com
Tom Johnson, Commercial Real Estate: (617) 497-3300 ext. 270 | tjohnson@irb-re.com

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